Leadville 100 Mile MTB Training Plan



The Leadville 100 Mile MTB Training Plan for 2022 is here and ready to help you get ready for the race! Sure, race day isn’t until August, but starting now maximizes your training potential over the next 8 months, and sets you up to crush it on race day. And our plan is packed with not just workouts, but tons of race day specifics for Leadville, thanks to dozens of clients doing the race over the years (and Peter doing it himself!).

This plan is for Intermediate and advanced riders doing the Leadville 100 Trail Mountain Bike Race

About the plan:

It is designed to be started anytime after January 1st. Getting started earlier tends to be better but if you are fit and healthy starting the plan 3 months out from the race would be great too.

This plan will get you fit but also make sure you are prepared technically, tactically, and logistically. It follows the same progressions and ideas I have used to help athletes get both 9 and 12-hour belt buckles. For goals under 9 hours, I would suggest looking at coaching or a custom 3-month plan (see below)

The plan requires about 6-8 hours in shorter weeks up to 12-15 hours in longer weeks. The workouts suggest a range that you choose based on your daily availability and your baseline fitness.

Weekly/monthly notes are included to help you prepare to succeed. A large percentage of success at long endurance events is due to good preparation. Fitness is important but many a race is lost due to pacing, nutrition or technical/tactical errors.

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