The UnBound Gravel Training Plain



The UNBOUND Gravel plan has been tested over many years as different clients have taken on this grueling event and it is designed to give you experiences that will prepare you for race day. As Consummate Athletes, we look beyond just fitness and power to consider how your bike, gear, tactics, fueling, and pacing influence your success.

Is This Plan For You?

This plan assumes you have some fitness base coming into these last 5-6 months (January start for early June event) but could be started in January, February or March depending on your familiarity with the event/discipline and current fitness. It is set to end on the event weekend so can not be applied to other weekends. (see below to request plans for other events)

What Does It Include?

Structured Workout Downloads are included for most bike workouts ( for Garmin / Zwift Etc ). Some workouts do not have download to keep thing simple and provide freedom from focus and devices! (e.g. ride endurance for 3 hours). The first 2 months include for more indoor oriented workouts but all can be done outside.

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