Paris to Ancaster Gravel Grinder Training Plan



This plan is designed to get you ready for your best Paris to Ancaster gravel race yet and is 12 weeks / 3 months long. Consummate Athletes are big on preparation so we have included reminders about preparation, bike setup, and critical event-specific workouts to ensure you are ready to thrive on race day mentally and physically.

Is This Plan For You?

It is appropriate for riders who have raced and trained before (intermediate/advanced)

This plan assumes you have some fitness base coming into these last 3 months (January start) but it could be started in February or March depending on your familiarity with the event/discipline and current fitness. It is set to end on the event weekend so can not be applied to other weekends. (see below to request plans for other events)

What Does It Include?

Structured Workout Downloads are included for most bike workouts ( for Garmin / Zwift Etc ). Some workouts do not have downloads to keep things simple and provide freedom from focus and devices! (e.g. ride endurance for 3 hours). The first 2 months include more indoor-oriented workouts but all can be done outside.

A basic core routine and 1-2 weekly yoga sessions are provided and encouraged throughout the plan

You can use this plan by HR, Power, or RPE – you do not need to use downloads as the title and description of each workout should allow for completion of the key elements of the workout. It includes guidance for power, heart rate, and RPE. It is ideal to use all 3, but you can use any of the 3 and still have great success.

The plan is 6-10 hours a week with options noted to extend or reduce as your schedule, fitness, and goals dictate

  • Starts for Jan 31 (12 weeks till P2a Race date)
  • $39 USD

Get the plan here

Want a Custom Training Plan?

I offer 3 months 100% Made For You Plans, which often works better as it takes your schedule, goals, equipment, and abilities into account

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