Stretch It Out: Super Quick, Easy Morning Yoga Routine (Video)

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Cross-Training, Mindset, Training, Video

If you guys listened to this week’s podcast, you know I love a good quick yoga routine in the morning for getting my day (and training, as an athlete) started on the right foot… And since I’m starting yoga teacher training tomorrow (!!!), I wanted to share one of the secret videos that we’ve had in our habit change series: my 5-minute morning yoga routine!

“Doing yoga in the morning puts you in direct touch with how you have been treating yourself on the previous day,” Joel Kramer writes. Since I started doing a 10-15 minute yoga sessions as soon as I wake up over three years ago, I have to say, he’s completely right. I can tell pretty quickly if I’ve slept enough, if I’m a little under the weather, or, on the flip side, if I’m feeling freaking fantastic.

As an athlete, the few minutes of core and stretching every morning really adds up. 15 minutes every morning is almost 2 hours a week, or 100 hours per year of extra (pretty much painless) training! How rad is that?! (Over the last 3.5 years, that’s over 350 hours, holy crap!!!)

From a more shallow perspective, I do notice adding a few minutes of planks has really strengthened my core and helped tighten those muscles. And even more surface-level, as someone who often wakes up with pretty puffy eyes, I notice that after just 10 minutes of flowing through a few vinyasas, the puffiness is almost completely gone! I think that’s just down to getting my blood flowing and moving around, which just doesn’t happen if you go from bed to the breakfast table.

So, my SUPER SUPER EASY FLOW. I made this video as part of our free 7-day guide to healthy habits that help to optimize training (sign up for it here!), and it’s an ultra-beginner friendly 5 minute sequence for you to do as soon as you roll out of bed in the morning.

Check out the video here, and make sure you bookmark it to try in the morning!


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