Coaching + Training Plans for Cyclocross Racers

by | Jul 3, 2024 | Training

Cyclocross is a demanding and dynamic cycling discipline that requires a great engine, tremendous skills and tactics to deal with decisions around equiptment, lines and pacing.

Consummate Athlete offers a variety of services that can support your cyclocross campaign this year, whether you are looking to use cross to springboard into a great season next season, to just enjoy the season this year or have your best cyclocross season.

Made for You 3 Month Plans 

Our unique ‘3 Month Made for You Training Plans’ provide workout ideas, and use the equiptment and gear you want to use to race the races you want to do. Many people fail to finish stock plans because they don’t match their actual schedule/availability/gear but our 3 month plans have a very high completion rate and very high enjoyment rate because they are made for you! Check out 3 Month Plans here

Cyclocross Training Plans Ready To Go on Training Peaks

Our pre-made plans in the Training Peaks store work well for many people. We deliver our plans through Training Peaks, where Peter is a level 2 certified Training Peaks Coach. Many of our pre-made plans are top plans with many successful uses by athletes like you! When you have a predictable schedule and/or some knowledge of training theory and just want some new workout ideas and reminders about fundamentals (like off-days!) then a pre-made plan can be a quick, affordable solution.

Check out the 12 week Cyclocross Build Plan here (best for Aug/Sept/Oct or Sept/Oct/Nov) 

Check out the Longer 17 week Cyclocross Build + Race Plan that allows for more racing and a longer season 

cyclocross skills

Cyclocross Coaching

Coaching with Consummate Athlete is for longer term goals. If you want to do well this cyclocross season AND you want to keep progressing over the next few years in cyclocross or other disciplines then coaching is a great option for you. Coaching gets you your own training plan, someone to discuss your goals/fears with and to celebrate your successes with.  Our coaching includes monthly AMA calls with clients, periodic online and in person.   Learn More about Cyclocross Coaching with Consummate Athlete

Phone Consultation about Cyclocross Training

Our phone or Video consultation allows you to discuss your past and future plans and goals while asking questions you have. Athlete’s will come away with more confidence in what they are doing and the motivation to make changes or tweaks that will help them overcome injury, plateaus or to break through to the next level in their training and racing.
Book Your Cyclocross Phone Consultation here


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