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Have a question for us to ponder on The Consummate Athlete Podcast? Not sure about if you’re ready for a cycling coach, but want to learn more? Hoping to host a virtual chat or yoga session for your cycling club? Let’s start a conversation—fill out the form and we’ll be in touch soon!

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It’s a big decision to work with a coach.

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What is The Consummate Athlete?

At the Consummate Athlete, the goal is simple: help people lead their best active, adventurous lives. We do this through coaching and training plans as well as a blog, podcast and book. 

Coaching: Longtime endurance coach and kinesiologist Peter Glassford provides services ranging from daily, ultra-personalized coaching to pre-made training plans to help you meet your cycling or triathlon goals.

Content: Author and athlete Molly Hurford brings all the resources that you need to stay motivated, dial in your healthy habits around your fitness goals, and stay accountable through articles and videos. We also host the weekly podcast, The Consummate Athlete Podcast, talking to experts and professional athletes and answering listener questions about how to be the best athletic version of you.

What is the Difference Between Training Plans & Coaching?

Training Plans are like buying a Map to Your Goal. Plans give you a workout schedule to follow in Training Peaks (free account included). Plans are flexible for shorter durations (e.g. to build for a single race).

Coaching is like Hiring a Guide in addition to getting a Map to your Goal. Coaching adds feedback, adjustment, and accountability to plans. Our coaching is for long-term and ongoing goals rather than single races. Our intention is to work with coaching clients for years. Short-Term Clients can consider Training Plans and Phone Consults.

In-Person Bike Coaching or Bike Skills Coaching is also available for any client

Do I Need Cycling Coaching?

Maybe! There are many reasons that adults get coaching. Online coaching and training prescription helps master’s athletes balance their work and family commitments with the athletic and health goals they have. We help you find a training load that works, maximize the time you have and we help you adjust when, inevitably, life gets in the way.

Top Reasons Masters Athletes Hire A Cycling Coach

  • Get inside information, avoid common mistakes, and increase the chance of success
  • Not having to plan a workout schedule
  • Objective voice to celebrate the victories and navigate tougher times
  • New, Different, and Variable Workout Ideas
  • Accountability
  • Help with data and technology
  • Avoid Overtraining

Who Gets Coaching with Consummate Athlete? ( Do you Coach People Like Me? )

For online coaching via Training Peaks and training plans, we work primarily with adult athletes. Many of our adult clients balance family and work with big athletic goals ranging from keeping up on local group rides to bucket-list events like Leadville 100. Their levels range from goals around improving general health up to going for the win at Masters World Championships.

If you would like to talk to a client similar to you or hear about similar client case studies please feel free to contact us. 

For in-person skills sessions, we have worked with all age groups and abilities and have consulted with clubs, teams, and private groups across North America.

Junior athlete? Parents of young athletes commonly book phone/zoom consultations to discuss training and racing questions and to get ideas for their cycling training.

Do You Make Training Plans for Events Like Unbound Gravel or Leadville?


We have pre-made plans for these two events and many others, plus more general plans made for things like 100-milers, Marathon Races, XC-Races, Cyclocross and More.

See our Pre-Made Plans in the Training Peaks Store

You might also prefer to get our popular 100% Made for You 3 Month Plans to ensure the plan matches your schedule, goals, ability and gear!

Do You Speak at Events?


Both Molly and Peter have spoken at events both large and small! We are comfortable at in-person events and also have spoken, led, and organized numerous virtual talks and events.

See our Media Enquiries Page 

Contact us to discuss your group’s needs.

How do I Get My Training Plan?

Your Plan is delivered via Training Peaks. You can use an existing account or make a new one for free. You do *not* need to use premium or pay a monthly fee to Training Peaks

if you check out with training peaks and will be instantly applied to your account.

If you check out with us via PayPal we will apply the plan to your account within 2 business days and make sure it applies correctly AND save you a few bucks!

Will You look at my files and provide feedback?

If you’re a coaching client, that’s something we do at regular intervals depending on the level of coaching you’re at. If you’re not coached by us, you can purchase a Zoom or phone consultation to customize your plan further or to discuss training questions or specific data files. We do not assess the files or training of people using our pre-made or custom training plans to protect your privacy. (That is the difference between a training plan and coaching.)

Where Will My Plan Be?

You will get a Training Peaks Account (Free) or use your current one. You can get a headstart and link our accounts (and get one) with this link. Each day you get an email with the next 2 days workouts and it is also possible to link your Garmin, Zwift and many other accounts to auto-sync.

Success Stories

Molly is a wealth of knowledge. Her passion for biking, mobility, womens health and enjoyment of the sport is evident in her sessions. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with her.

Sarah Applegarth

Sarah Applegarth

Exercise Physiologist

I’m very happy to offer a whole-hearted recommendation for Coach Glassford’s plans! They are so comprehensive, so effective and a fantastic addition to anyone’s training!



It’s not only the custom training plan; I learned about sleeping, eating, cross training, self confidence. Peter is as much a coach as a sport psychologist, always listening and encouraging.



I have to admit I put all my faith on your podcast on power to weight. I have been able to stay off a scale now for the past couple of seasons and concentrating on making sure I'm fueled properly and I think it is paying off with bigger power.



100% recommend Peter’s custom plans. I was so lost before. Now my plan fits my schedule and I have a path to success. I have seen tremendous gains. Can’t wait to start the next block.



The whole Consummate Athlete package has gone way beyond my expectations and I could not have imagined that such a thing existed when I first signed up. Big, huge thanks to Peter and Molly!



Peter centered my training and put me on the path to not only finish races, but make achievable progress and enrich my cycling lifestyle



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