Collingwood Clinic – 3 Week Progression for Novice Women Mountain Bikers

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Women Specific

This clinic series is on hold given the lockdown in Ontario – we hope to run it in late June but private sessions starting after May 25th are the safest to book

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Are You Ready to Get Offroad?

We are offering a series of 3 mountain biking lessons for women-only in the Collingwood area. This program will help you learn the foundational skills that will let you enjoy a summer of riding with friends and perhaps with the local Mountain Bike Club (

This is a beginner/novice session – Riders will develop comfort using their brakes/shifters and the ability to stand up over a variety of terrain. You will develop control so that you feel safe so that you can develop your skills this summer. Skills, bike setup, and exposure to local riding trails are among the benefits you will take from these sessions.

These sessions occur in the Collingwood area with a natural progression to off-road terrain occurring over the 3 weeks. Exact meeting locations will be emailed to participants but Collingwood town, Highlands Nordic, and/or Wasaga Beach trails will be among the locations used depending on weather and availability.

Who are the Coaches?: Coaches will be local mountain biker and certified coach Kate Holmes and Professional Coach Peter Glassford.

Gear Required: Helmets required. Mountain bike w. functioning gears and brakes, no kickstands or accessories on the bike (e.g. locks). Pads and flat pedals are encouraged


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