Strength at Home, Walking and Training Inside/Outside

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Cross-Training, Podcast, Training

Today we discuss Walking, Training inside vs. Outside, Strategies for maintaining fitness and muscle during off periods and some discussion of goals and mindset during off-season or when far away from goal events.



event plans



Is there any benefit or drawback of walking daily – say 30-90 minutes – in addition to an endurance cycling training plan (besides sanity) in


how to not lose all my muscles, strength, fitness during off period?

Webinar through CSI Pasific –
Strength can be maintained with any weight -> some form , even in small form -> 1 set 6-12 reps 2x per week to failure
POWER drops more quickly
  1. lift to lighter weights to volitional failure
  2. aim for 3 sessions weekly
  3. do more if frequency less
  4. increase power or possible with using a wider variety of loads
  5. work with intention and focus – quality work

What does training for MTB look like? / how to train outside?


Staying Motivated through Off or Training Phases with no races

With racing canceled through… June at this point, how do I stay on track and motivated?
-control controllable – work on what you can work on in your setting (e.g. roller skills, coordination, balance/track stand, strength, mobility, injury reduction, cooking skills, sleep, meditation/stress reduction)
-focus on weak spots

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