The Athlete’s Guide to Sponsorship



So you want to be a pro athlete? Awesome. But … How do you do it? You put in the training hours, you start doing well at races, and then a big team or company just hands you a suitcase full of money, right? Sadly, it’s not quite that simple. There are thousands of amazing athletes all over the world who can’t make a living at their sport. By the time you shell out cash for the gear, the race entries, the travel, the lodging, the food, the massages, the gear you need after you break/wear out the first set, it’s freaking expensive to be a pro.That means you need to hustle and find a team that can actually pay you living wage, figure out a job that you can work while pursuing your sport, or cobble together enough sponsorships to keep you afloat.This book will teach you how to do that, from finding the right brands to approach to developing a racer resume and website to cultivating your own personal brand identity through your social media, real life and racing. If you want a thriving career in sport, this book is for you.

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