How to Get Things Done, Even Workouts – Julie Ireland

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Lifestyle, Podcast

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So stoked on this episode! Organization is a huge passion for Molly, and she has been completely obsessed since she was a little kid with streamlining every aspect of life. It is hard to fit training in. We know that from talking to athletes at our talks, from Peter’s coaching clients and from trying to do it all ourselves!
Here on the Consummate Athlete we want to get good at multiple sports but it is hard to balance training for one sport let alone a bunch, especially with all of the other responsibilities and of tasks that need to be done. But health, fitness, fun and adventure can and should be a priority, and today we’re talking about how to bring that concept to life in a real, tangible way.
Molly did an article with today’s guest about sneaking in a morning workout recently and knew she would be perfect for the podcast. Today she speaks to us about fitness and becoming the consummate athlete as a busy person.
So, generally, I’m hoping you’d be up for doing an episode with us on how busy people can prioritize fitness, and develop good habits around exercise (as per the GTD method!).


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Julie Ireland came to the David Allen Company—GTD– after spending many successful years in the executive search industry, as a project and client manager. She earned a Master’s degree in Public Management from Carnegie Mellon University. She brings a unique perspective to her one-to-one coaching work that resonates with senior executives to entry-level staff. Julie’s style is engaging and warm. She leads Getting Things Done in-person and virtual coaching around the world.

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Quick overview of GTD method and how it can relate to personal growth, esp. fitness
  -> helping people with work flow
  -> Distilling life into a) control (emails/checklists/meetings)  b)
Main barriers to exercise / fitness for most people?
Optimally Engaged with things
  – Close the ‘open loop’ … make a decision (ie. loose weight or try a fitness class)
How/why does exercise end up helping people (beyond just fitness—so, how starting an exercise program can actually end up making you more productive at work, etc.)
 – work life balance … everything woven together
Best ways to start adding it into life (baby steps, scheduling…)
   – Baby steps good for most
    – Charles duhigg — calendar,
    – We think of things as things we have to do (learn to snowboard, be better at ‘x’) BUT in GTD method you look at outcome vs. next step or first step (ie. learn to snowboard = next action is book a lesson )
Moving Past buying things 
  – look for next action (join a group, find a run partner)
PROJECTS are list of things to do / actions 
   – once you name something you own it … name the cause of stall / setback
   – ‘the stall’ is you might hate / not like / not need to do what you think you do .
Handling setbacks/skipped sessions
   – weekly review – look at week ahead … when fit exercise in calendar
   – do so mindfully and re-negotiate with yourself
Best habits that you see new clients adapt (meditation, signing up for classes, doing small workout early in day for early win, etc.)
   – something for yourself, not because of other people / things you ‘should’ do
  – ‘managing agreements’ and expectations vs. agreements -> thinking spouse *SHOULD* know you wanted to train / not be with kids all day . 

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