How to Get Riding Outside: Video + More Info

by | Apr 25, 2021 | Training, Video

We’ve been helping the Ontario Cycling Association hold a series of webinars the past couple weeks (with another 2 this week!) and one that we really enjoyed was this fun one on prepping to get back to riding outside. Whether you’re a new cyclist or a longtime rider who spent the winter on Zwift, there are some really important topics that we got into in this webinar, and you can watch the full video here! (Scroll down for topics we discussed + some links for more info.)

Topics included:

Creating Routines + Rituals

Safety Notes

Bike Check

What to Wear?

Full article coming soon!)


Tools for the Road

  • Multi-tool
  • Tube
  • Patches
  • Tampon
  • Mask
  • $$$

Common Injuries + Your Bike Fit

Pre-Ride Mobility

Skills Practice

  • Think smarter, not harder. Rather than adding volume to an already busy schedule, focus on improving skills.
  • Stand Up!!

Don’t Stress a  “Bad Workout”

Post Ride To-Dos

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