What’s in Her (Training) Bag: Lori Nedescu, RD at Hungry for Results + Pro Road Cyclist

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Gear, Lifestyle, Women Specific

I LOVE Lori Nedescu, badass registered dietician at Hungry for Results + pro cyclist (and runner!). She’s one of my favorite Consummate Athlete Podcast guests (we’ve had her on twice already and a third episode is coming soon!) and she’s just a blast to hang out with. So when I kicked off the What’s in Her Bag Series, I knew I wanted to get her stylish-but-hella-functional plus uber-nutritious take on what she always carries with her. And she did not disappoint! Get ready to feel like your bag needs a serious makeover… 

“What’s in my bag is a tough question! I think it would be easier to say what I don’t bring along!! Haha, I’m definitely an over packer. First, the bag itself. I have many bags, but for an average training session, I bring a smaller backpack that easily fits the essentials but doesn’t let me get too carried away with extras. This Lululemon Run All Day pack is perfect. In addition to a larger bag, I always take my Hungry For Results musette bag to stash essentials in to ride with or take to the gym floor, depending on the workout.”

“To fuel my workout, I bring something to at least get me through training which tends to be simple gummie bears and maybe a few gels and recovery which is almost always a Power Bar since I tend to appreciate solid food after a training session as opposed to a shake. I also take a few supplemental products to help my body function at its best. FitAid functional beverage contains B vitamins, BCAAs, and other compounds typically left out of other sport drinks. Swisse Wellness COQ10 is something I take daily to boost my mitochondria, I keep a bottle in my bag because sometimes I forget to take it in the morning.  I’m not a huge fan of drink mixes, but I do add SiS tablets to my water to provide electrolytes, specifically sodium.”

“Packing up all the gear needed for a day in the saddle is rough so I love products that make it easier. This is why I’m a huge fan of NeatCleats , a clip in system that I can attach my cycling shoes and helmet to and bring along in a tidy fashion. I’m all about a good placebo effect… I mean, if it doesn’t hurt and can potentially help… I’m on board! So lately I’ve been trying out AMP Human, a bicarb lotion that supposedly neutralizes acids and helps facilitate greater performance. Safety Skin’s reflective spread is always in my bag because I never know if I’ll be training in low visibility and this product helps me be seen and safe. Sometimes I pack a full change of clothes, but I at least have a fresh pair of socks (huge fav of the fun designs from Peppermint Cycling) and sports bra stashed with me. Those items feel the best to swap out after sweaty sessions. Lastly, my sunnies. The lightweight shades from ROKA are my go to for on and off the bike, so I always have two pairs with me; a sport & lifestyle option.”

^ You have to check out the NeatCleats—I love this for those of us (ahem, me) who have v. smelly shoes that make an entire bag a little ripe post-ride. So smart!

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