“Walking Well” Teaches You Some Surprising Tactics for Walking + Excelling at Movement

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Gear, Training

Walking Well” sounds kind of obvious, but let’s be honest: how many of us (yep, including Peter + I!) are walking with a bit of hip tightness, a bit of weirdness in a knee, a little bit of a hunch from one too many hours at the computer? Walking Well is a new program to help anyone who wants to walk/run/hike more but can’t because their foot/knee/neck/etc holds them back—AKA most of us. It’s a combination of gait-based corrective exercises from Katy Bowman and self-massage techniques from Jill Miller to strengthen and release all our walking parts so we can walk with more ease from head to toe.

If you’ve listened to our podcast for a while, you know we LOVE movement expert Katy Bowman, author of one of our favorite reads, Movement Matters. Peter has also been a longtime fan of Jill Miller (and seriously, the purple ‘dodgeball-looking’ ball in the photo? We’ve had ours for years and he honestly deflates it and travels with it, he’s so deeply in love with using it for both getting into tricky spots around his ribs + also helping with digestion and relaxing before bed. And of course, you know we’re kind of obsessed with the idea of walking more as consummate athletes. It’s a huge part of our philosophy, so it’s something we try to promote constantly. And we know there are a lot of people who can crush it on the bike but get sore taking the dog out for a walk. So, honing our technique and correcting for some common issues is a pretty worthwhile way to spend time.

So, the course is broken into a few sections, with Katy and Jill talking about movement, working through corrective exercises, and doing sessions that feel like a very targeted yoga class. It’s like an e-course meeting a yoga session meeting a consult with a PT, to be honest—with some walking homework!

I really like this course for someone who knows he needs to walk, knows he needs to stretch, but struggles to do either one. Some of us just need the structure of a course that we can actually finish in order to do the moving that we know we should be doing! And bonus, once you’re done, you can always revisit certain stretches and videos, and the balls that come with the kit are fantastic mobility tools. (Consummate Athlete coaching clients may even recognize them from some of our Friday morning mobility sessions on Zoom!)

We’re also stoked to share a coupon code with you all: Now through March 25, 2021, you can use the code CONSATH10 to get 10% off of the Walking Well Kit

Side note: Katy is coming back on the podcast this summer to talk about Walking Well in addition to her latest project (we love a productive woman!), her upcoming book, “Grow Wild: The Whole-Child, Whole-Family, Nature-Rich Guide to Moving More”. Here’s the scoop on the book. It’s a big-idea-meets-how-to with over 100 ways to pack in more ‘nutritious movement’ for our own health and even for the sake of the planet. She explores the great movement mismatch between our families’ dwindling movement opportunities vs. our unchanged movement needs and offers easy fixes. Now, you can wait to hear the episode to decide if you want the book, but… there are some seriously great preorder bonuses happening through April 1. Bonuses include a downloadable sheet with 30 ways to move more, a ticket to the virtual launch party w/ Q&A and some great prizes, plus entry into a raffle for a one-hour private consult with Katy. We’re psyched on this book for families growing Consummate Athletes! (We may have preordered it for our sibling who has a young daughter, shhh!)


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