Triathlon, Nutrition & Balance – Nicole Loher

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Podcast

Nicole Loher joins us to talk about triathlon, eating for health and performance, getting up early, fashion vs. fitness and how it all fits together in ‘balance’.

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  • How has spinning and then triathlon helped quell your anxiety. Can you talk a bit about those first few workouts?


  • How did spin morph to triathlon?


  • Making exercise a priority:


  • -“I say no a lot” was one of your quotes from a recent article you did on MBG: talk about that decision! It’s a tough one for anyone trying to balance work/lif


  • -half ironman vs olympic: why make that switch?


  • -Advice for newbie triathletes?


“because it’s rare to hear a woman say she eats 2400-2700 calories per day, even though it makes SO MUCH SENSE. “That being said, I eat anywhere between 2,400-2,700 calories on any given day with a breakdown of 125g of protein, 80-100g of carbs, 150-170 grams of fat, and always aiming for less than 50 g of sugar. I got that number of calories knowing my basal metabolic rate (ie. how many calories my body burns if I literally just lie in bed all day everyday) is roughly 1,400 calories and my average caloric output per day (from exercise) is 1,000 calories, totaling 2,400 calories. It’s my goal to ALWAYS break even or above on caloric intake to maintain my energy.”

  • food prep tips for busy people?


  • I’m going to get made fun of by a lot of masters dudes who listen to this for asking—even though I’m sure they’re all secretly interested—but you have a solid social media platform/following. How did you build that as an athlete on the side of your day job?
  • Fashion and fitness: Tips, products, social hurdles of ‘makeup and fitness’


  • Getting up early EVERY SINGLE DAY !?!?!?

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