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by | Dec 16, 2016 | Podcast

Travel Tips, initiative, mechanics, bike skills, athlete development,
Very happy to get the chance to talk to Scott about a variety of topics in this episode. We go into travel tips, mechanical skill, how to develop young athletes, the Cyclocross initiative Scott is part of to help young Canadians get cyclocross experience plus we talk about the mistakes athletes make and how staff/mechanics interact with athletes.



Scott Kelly is a big part of Canadian Cycling. Most recently the head mechanic with 3-Rox Racing Mountain Bike Team and Co-Owner of a Service based bike shop in Dundas, Ontario. He has a resume including Canadian and National Cycling Associations for Road, mountain and cyclocross, a Level 3 Coaching certification with Canada/NCCP, he is tinkering with a ‘fixer-upper’ house currently and he has now been on the Consummate Athlete Podcast !

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1) you were born in 1984 – how did you end up riding bikes , why did you start ? How many people were racing then ? 
    -> do you think getting more kids racing is possible with the options / state of health ?
   -> costs of racing, complicated/clarity (NFL ) , having a system and documents so parents can plan/digest and be comfortable, price of sport.  
   -> Buying a bike for your child.
2) Why and when did you stop racing  ?
     -> need to be able to focus on racing bikes. Not just ride it. Sacrifices need to be made.
3) did you immediately start working in the industry ? 
   -> Went from working in bike shop in university to working for national road team (PEI)
4) working with a PSO / National team was a big part of you getting going with your coaching/project admin … what do you feel like that ‘public’ experience gave you? 

-> take initiative , help out

-> Olympics – just another bike race but legitimizes by showing family/public    -> Mara abbot -> ted talk on ‘fear of failure’ 
 -> Staff’s role, especially mechanics, need to be less reactionary

-> Mechanic / manager is similar relationship to  golfer and a cady

4) You travel a lot – how do you survive ? (Travel hacks? sleep on planes? booking flights? Racer mistakes ?
   -> enjoy/embrace travel
   -> be organized, light, systems in place
5) You co-own a bike shop that does service only -> does working there when you are home feel different and provide a break from the on-the road / athlete focused job?  
   -> 2012 opened the  “Dundas Speed Shop” 
6) What mechanical skills would a cadet/junior parent or coach be well served to make sure their young athletes have ? Or even just athlete should know how to do but don’t ?
8) Cross- Coalition – what is it, why did you get involved ?

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