The Best Anti-Chafing Chamois Creams for Every Type of Rider (Including 1 for Triathletes!)

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Gear, Training

Chafing happens. Despite my best efforts and the fact that I literally wrote the book on this topic, it’s inevitable that when you ride bikes a lot, there’s going to be some friction. Enter chamois cream. Over on Bicycling, I rounded up a few of my favorites for every type of rider, including triathletes, who require something a tiny bit different. (Although when we did Ironman, I actually did take 10 seconds to apply a regular cycling chamois cream before the ride!) This list came in handy as I coached three different endurance camps in the last three months, used a ton of chamois cream personally and gave a ton of recommendations. Let me know if you have a fave that I missed!

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