The 2-Month Strength-Focused Training Plan for Cyclists

by | Nov 27, 2023 | Cross-Training, Training

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This is our 2 months of Strength, Mobility and Walking training plan for those looking to take time away from biking or other endurance sports to focus on strength. This is a challenge we have put forth in our Consummate Athlete Podcast that can help recover motivation, health and help you overcome illness or injuries.

This plan provides 2 of our favorite strength routines and yoga/mobility exercises over a 2-month period with an option to extend it to 3-4 months if you use each routine for 2 blocks.

The Consummate Athlete philosophy involves being healthy and prepared, as well as developing specific fitness for the event. In line with this, the plan provides reminders and suggestions to prepare for stage racing (gear, nutrition, travel etc.) AND encourages you to strength train and walk in addition to your bike training year-round.

Is This Plan For You?

This plan includes a 2 simple strength routines and 2 different quick core routines. You can do them 2-3 x each per week and get outside on weekends for walking, hiking or rucking.

The routines generally take about 30-45 min for strength and 10-15min but this can vary with your setup and warmup needs.

What Does It Include?

Firstly, to confirm, there are NO Bike workouts or cardio in this plan aside from walking/rucking

*many of of our bike training plans include strength (see all of our plans here)

There are 2 different strength routines (1 per block). You can extend the plan by using each strength routine for 2-3 blocks (6-12 weeks) each rather than following each for 4 weeks.

Do you have an Irregular Schedule or Want a Custom Training Plan?

Consummate Athlete offers a 3 month Made For You Plan, which eliminates much of the friction of pre-made plans because it takes your schedule, goals, equipment, and abilities into account. Learn about 3 Month Plans here.

Get the 2-Month Strength Training for Cyclists Plan here

Use code CA25 for 25% off!



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