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by | Aug 16, 2017 | Podcast

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Co-Author Jacques DeVore is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, a licensed cycling coach and the creator of the Maximum Overload training plan. Co-Author Roy Wallack is a fitness columnist for the Los Angeles Times, the author of seven books, and an endurance athlete.

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Jacques BIO of how he found cycling, wrestling and strength training

Wrestling background, lots of weight lifting

Former coach brought weight lifting in, got hooked

Wrestled through college, but had knee issues so transitioned to cycling as rehab

Met MTB crew in LA, started riding with them–much bigger though!

Got hooked on riding in the 90s, raced for 15 years MTB and road

Why are cyclist hesitant to lift weights?
-> likely due to our knowledge coming from body building in USA
-> people think it causes muscle

-> Power meter is not a strength Meter

* Force x velocity over distance =>

Had no mentors/true background in exercise science, just reading textbooks and experimenting–gave him the ability to look at research and ask Why? And Why not?
Constant experimentation

 Maximum Overload Strength Training for Cyclists
– how is this different than traditional ‘textbook’ strength or core programs for endurance athletes?


Why weight lifting??

Sub maximal workouts lead to sub maximal performance — work out at a higher level, perform at a higher level
To do that, you have to break up the workout to maintain the high levels of working out. People put out less effort as time goes on at the gym , but by putting in lots of mini breaks to allow you to lift a heavier weights/haul that level of power for longer to stay longer in that zone
Rep count stays low–mini-sets

TEST APO => 12 steps / 6 per leg -> max weight can move
**ramp up with many sets to see where power drops / speed drops … explosive but just about to loose, slower out of the bottom
=> use this for your MSP set

MSP or maximal sustainable power is a big part of this philosophy, can you define it and help us understand how lifting weights can help us more then riding hills?
– the analogy of why do big gear work if strength doesn’t work?

is there a type of cyclists (crit, mtb etc.) this works better for ? any adjustments for different disciplines?
Works for all disciplines–always need absolute power being held for certain amounts of time
Varies from disciplines though: Road would focus on endurance while track sprint would be heavier and shorter


 common mistakes with strength for cyclists?
– day of week/planning *same day intervals?
– warm up

 best day of week / best practices
Easiest way to explain is to not precede or follow with really hard effort. Easy/moderate day before and after.

Take time to adapt gradually!

In season, maybe that means one day early in the week

Hitting some muscles that have been inert for a long time–shouldn’t be starting it if you have important races coming up really so


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