Sports Nutrition & Carbs with Dietitian Gemma Sampson

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Nutrition, Podcast, Training

Gemma Sampson is an Advanced Sports Dietitian working with elite and amateur cyclists, triathletes and runners.  She discusses several common nutrition questions and expands on carbs and what athletes know (or think they know) about carbs (the focus of her Ph.D.!)


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  • Your athletic + work bio, how did you end up in Girona?
  • Why study carbs + carb knowledge for your Ph.D.?
  • What’s been surprising that athletes don’t seem to have a handle on?
  • Carbs pre-race / breakfast pre-race
  • Gels: can we eat them, are we getting dehydrated, how can we avoid that
  • How to dial nutrition for 10+ hour events-electrolyte and carb needs
  • Post race/workout carb needs? (are we supposed to avoid refined sugar?)
  • Most common pitfalls for athletes?
  • Fasted training? Thoughts?
  • Elimination diets—how to do as an athlete, should we do them, any low hanging fruit to tackle first?
  • Female endurance athlete protein requirements?
  • Also, how the heck do we get enough?
  • Nutrition for recovering anemic?
  • Shift worker – how do you avoid late-night snack cravings?
  • Parents of Juniors –  Is your junior racer is eating right?

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