Rehab Common Sport Injuries – Bernard Condevaux

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Podcast

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Bernard Condevaux is a Physiotherapist who has worked with cycling and many other Olympic sports and various athletes over his career. He shares a wealth of information about DOMS vs. Pain and how to deal with other common injuries that athletes run into. We also get to hear about his experience with saddle sores (so Molly was psyched! )

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Bernard Condevaux – Physiotherapist
Sport/ Cycling physical therapist, Sports Certified Specialist (APTA), 3 Olympic teams, cancer fighter, and a devotee of cycling and boxing.

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Background in sport, BG in PT?
You are devotee of cycling and boxing—lot of contrast there! what’s the deal?
   – being careful what you are punching! boxing good to get
  –  Which Olympic teams?
cycling injury -> back, knee, hip pain also Achilles
When should you seek physiotherapy?
 – sometimes at first notice
  – pros are always in on ‘work comp’ so addressed immediately (acute) vs. ongoing issue.
  – but not at a ‘first twitch’
  – “if you have pain lasting into next day (not doms), especially joint pain or pain (not soreness)” If having to reduce duration due to pain or modify training it is a sign to get taken care of.  Due to modified behavior
What is DOMS vs. pain?
 – in CrossFit for example with rhabdomyolysis is well past ‘doms’
  – eccentric loading (squat, downhill running), negative work/deceleration or first time doing something / raise the intensity
  – DOMS should clear in 2 days (or improve significantly)
  – if go beyond 2 days certainly spin lightly, or light movement, other therapy (Ice bath etc)
  – if not resolving significantly
WHAT about ibuprofen?
 – careful should not be used like vitamin or crutch
 – pain is important signal, don’t fear but respect it.
Recovery tactics – changes over 25 years?
  – The advent of compression including stockings and normatec (compression) boots
  – chryo-tec chambers / fast freeze
   – pharmacology (legal)
   – training has changed so much. Not just ride more (a la eddie merckx). Much more science and bodies have evolved to sport.
  – higher awareness of athleticism in cycling (mtb and cyclocross especially)
  – athletes traveling with foam rollers and Compex ( also some things to be skeptical of)
Trends and kooky things 
  – USA not as open to some of the eastern, less proven methods like acupuncture.
   – “hold on this is a hologram”
Athlete is not a race horse, must tell them the risks and consequences so can make educated decisions
  – put well-fare first
  – put athlete in position to succeed
  – Juniors would be more forceful on taking a break, not pushing limits for sake of results
   – more women vs. men?
   – reason men die of heart attacks more often.
   – Sydney Crosby concussion not just one hit . Brain in vulnerable condition
  – Elman in seahawks game was concussed ?
   = many pro sports have independant spotters
  =  was post-concussion there before? Likely not labeled and they drifted away. People went away and we focused on who was there
feel like a bobble head-get a sore/tired neck while riding off road on long rides/stage races. Suggestions?
   => did a class on TMJ, lay on bed on back with head off and hold head in line.
   => weakness in deep muscle in neck, front of neck on either side of adams apple.
   => picture head as bowling ball on flimsy stick , on bike head at 45 degree and have 2 little ‘wires’ holding head
   => Longus Coli counters neck extensor that helps prevent sagging of neck
cyclist with knee pain refer from ‘lump/knot’in mid quad ,
  -> trigger points, may be able to pressure it may also recreate pain …
  => may be a tearing of the fascia.
  => could be a hematoma if crash
  => unlikely a neuroma
  => if not getting better over time and/or no trauma then something is strange  (tells story of an odd case that ended up as cancer)
PSA Re saddle sores?
Which athletes had the most chronic injuries? Acute?
Any that you noticed spanned all sports?
Best preventative measures?

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