Race Day Nerves, Filtering Water & Race if You are Going to Race

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Podcast

Listener questions about filtering water for long adventures, How to deal with race nerves (or first race back nerves) and Peter’s concept of ‘race if you are going to race’.

Race if you are going to race is shorthand to say that racing is hard and whether it’s a short race or a long race it is hard. Put your energy into that race and make sure you get a chance to hang out and enjoy the post-race. There are exceptions with high-level athletes and shorter races or ‘c-priority’ races. There are also ‘grey area’ situations where you cool down with a friend or explore local trails with a friend or go swimming. The exceptions generally involve other people. Generally, if you think you should ride more after a race then it’s worth looking at the reasons why.


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