Pre-Ride Check for Safety and to Avoid Mechanicals

by | Jul 7, 2014 | Video

The pre-ride check is common sense but as with most things that are common sense many people do not adhere to the basics and will get into trouble eventually, if they have not already. These 3 min worth of little skills will help you stay safe and avoid major mechanicals on the trail. Often fixing things in the garage or from the car is much easier (I.E. Inflating tires with a floor pump versus a mini-pump) so make these quick checks part of your routine and look into learning more about the basic mechanical skills discussed here by practicing the skills before each ride. Many new cyclists (and some advanced) find the installation of wheels, bolt checks and tire/tube inflation and changes tough. Ask a knowledgeable (and patient) friend to help you (not do it for you) then practice at home and during this pre-ride check and you will quickly get better.



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