Performance Nutrition – Lori Nedescu,RDN

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Nutrition, Podcast

Lori Nedescu is a Registered Dietitian. She joins us to talk about improving performance with good food and health practices. Lori started ‘The Cadence Kitchen’ which has become ‘Hungry For Results’, a nutrition resource for anyone looking to improve performance and general wellness through good food and health practices. She also races bikes, runs a team and runs!

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Lori Nedescu, Ms RDN CSSD


When asked what you do, what’s the bio you give most people?

How did you get into cycling?


What sparked your interest in nutrition? Education path?

Myth: Cut out sugar, replace with ‘switch out nightly dessert for fruit’

Why it doesn’t work:
What to do instead:

Myth: Lose X pounds, replace with ‘big salad for lunch instead of fast food’

Myth: Go Paleo/keto/etc. Jan 1, replace with ‘start eating more vegetables and cutting back on processed food’

Myth: Do a juice cleanse for January, replace with ‘drink 2 more glasses of water and add an extra vegetable to every meal’

Myth: Dry January, replace with ‘Cut back on weekly alcohol intake to X drinks’ (vs. making sweeping change for 1 month and binging in Feb)

Myth: Do a marathon, lose 20 pounds, podium at CrossFit regionals, fast one day a week… replace with pick one!

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30-Day Whole Foods Cookbook and Meal Plan: Eliminate Processed Foods and Revitalize Your Health  => BUY THE BOOK 

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