Minimum Volume Requirement & Cold Adaptation

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Podcast

Today we answer listener questions around Hot Tub and Cold adaptation and exposure as well as a follow-up question about how much low-intensity training is needed to be ‘enough’ in a polarized plan.


Want to re-energize- Unplug, put airplane mode on, and immerse in nature's finest.


valentines day with a partner, friend or family #consummateathletelove

C. ASKS about Polarization and time-limited

  • 90min is a fantastic goal for most people for zone 1/LIT especially when indoors.
  • question of How much do YOU need to do to see improvement. What we can absorb.
  • Some people only need a 30min ride to get adaptations so doing more would be too much and then they adapt.
  • This is where your HIIT sessions can help you gauge fatigue and a periodic test week while recovered to gauge progress and adjust loading.
  • The goal is always consistency – a consistent diet of regular workouts will be great and the best way to be consistent over many months/years is to not be driving too hard too often and have variety.
  • Your cross-training can also be part of or entirely one of your long days. So a Saturday HIIT/Zone 3 workout then Sunday go ski/fat bike/hike for 3+ hrs at an easy pace (making good conversation with a friend) would be a great weekend,
a nice article from Molly’s coach David Roche here that might add some more perspective beyond just easy/hard. the goal is not to be knackered and to feel good riding more often then not! keep coming back over time and what was ‘hard’ will become ‘easy.


 Cold adaptation – is hot tub ruining it?

post-workout sauna may delay recovery and hurt performance the next day, according to a small study. No big deal, but a reminder that “extra” adaptive stresses (heat, altitude, fasting, etc.) are still stresses.…

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