Life is a Marathon – Matt Fitzgerald

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Podcast

Writer Matt Fitzgerald returns to the show to discuss his Memoir, ‘Life is A Marathon’. Set around 8 marathon races where we meet runners for whom running serves different purposes. The more personal aspect of the book is Matt’s own relationship to the sport–and how it helped him overcome his own struggles and cope with his wife Nataki’s severe bipolar disorder.
Life is a Marathon: A Memoir of Love and Endurance is available now–
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  • why write this book now?
  • Writing other books and running while going through all of this with your marriage? As you wrote How Bad Do You Want it, were you thinking about this book?
  • Harder or easier to write this one compared to your past books? Was the writing process different for this Memoir?
  • sport–and how it helped Matt overcome his own struggles and cope with his wife Nataki’s severe bipolar disorder.
  • A lot of the races seemed to be poorly marked or you got bad directions?
  • Favorite of the 8 marathons?
  • Best story during a race in the book—give us a teaser!
  • Most interesting person you met along the way and put in here?
  • admittedly reading this puts into even sharper perspective how much you’ve written over the years. How? What’s next?
  • you keep coming back to “the person I want to be”—can we ever get there really?
  • what did you learn in writing this book? obviously, you learned a ton since that first 5K in the introduction, but was there anything that became a lot clearer in the process of actually writing?

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