Keto, Fatigue, Training Anywhere -Jan2019 Q & A

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Podcast

Today we answer listener questions:
 – Keto what is one to do!!?
– AM I tired or just lazy? How to know
 – what to do if you miss a day of training
– What bike seat do you use?
– How to train in the city or if really busy with a new job?
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0) One thing – what are we liking???

    = peter sardines for lunch!
    = molly – everday spice mix from trader joes

1) Keto

  •  protein needs to be low
  • not shown to improve performance
  • should get help as it is a large change and many tripping points
  • worth trying whole foods and lower carb/sugar/ processed if not doing so already … easy endurance also showed to greatly increase fat utilization (ala zone 1/2 or maf-training)
“Ways to incorporate exercise when working long hours in a city—new job hitting me hard!” from Caitlin
  • walk
  • weekend warrior
  • gym at work ,
  • run commute
  • bike share
  • stairs
  • having ideal indoor setup/clothes ready to go

Fatigue vs laziness?

  •    if slow in training and breathing is not come up ‘breathless legs ‘ – make sure eating/sleeping and having variation in training intensity/duration
  • if training a lot then you aren’t lazy but may need to redistribute training time/focus and/or eat more around training.
  • if doing the same thing every day that is not effective
  • if doing the same training for a long time (months) that is not effective
  • if motivation low then rest and reassess!

What saddle do you use?

If I miss a day, should I make it up?

 – if you miss it due to stress then skip it and move on. If miss it and will be really ready the next day (for real) then do it but watch running a bunch of hard days together.
 – no make-ups is a good rule of thumb that eliminates choice!

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