Jack Sasseville – How to Golf

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Podcast

GOLF, complimentary sports, skill-transfer

Jack Sasseville joins us to share first steps to get out golfing. We go over tips , common mistakes, how to hit the ball , how to use driving-ranges and key terms/rules of the sport.

Even if you think golf isn’t for you there is lots of discussion of transfer of skill and related concepts for different sports. There is also a chance you will want to go golfing after (this happened to us!)

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Show Notes: 

Key Takeaways 

  • You have to hit down and hit the ground to make the golf ball go up
  • Swing should not be in the wrists, should be in the arms—even in putting, for control
  • When in doubt, use a 5-iron.
  • If you have time, find a golf instructor to walk you through hitting the ball and the flow of the game. If you don’t, when you do go to play, make sure you stay out of the other players’ ways, including their shadows, and try to follow along with what they’re doing—and always be ready to take your swing!
  • Wear your golf bag properly! (Most modern ones have straps like a backpack, don’t be the cool kid in school wearing it on one shoulder, put it on all the way.)


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Questions Discussed in today’s podcast: 

  1. Quick golf background? how did you get into it, etc.

  2. Why should everyone know how to play golf?

  3. What are the three key terms in this sport? (four, bogey?)

  4. What equipment MUST I have? (in golf, for example, what do i need to wear, what clubs do i need to have?)

  5. What’s the key to a good swing? (i.e how can molly actually make contact with the golf ball)

  6. Common problems people run into in first sessions?

  7. How can I practice without playing? (driving range, strength, putting?)

  8. How do I find people to play with?

  9. What would a normal training week look like? How often to practice ?

  10. Most sports have a couple of key moves: what would you say a few are in golf?

11. What’s the one cool move I can do to make it look like I know what I’m doing?

=> Carry your golf bag right ! where it with two straps not with one strap on one shoulder.



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