Introducing “The Shred Girls” || A New Series for Girls Who Love Adventure

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Introducing The Shred Girls!

I’ve been dying to release this for months now but I wanted to get everything ready to go before I talked about it on here, but my first novel (of many, I hope!) is done! It’s a middle-grade novel that I hope will get a lot of young girls (and boys) psyched on getting rad on bikes.

If you have a preteen you’re dying to get on the bike, or you’re like me and just really love reading YA fiction on your own, I’d love it if you checked out Shred Girls: Lindsay’s Joy Ride. It’s been a long time coming, writing this book. I’ve had the bare bones of it ready for ages, but it wasn’t until this year that I felt confident enough, and passionate enough, to really make it come to life. (More on that process in later posts.)

Anyway, the first book is releasing at the end of May, and pre-orders are open now.

Introducing Book #1 in the Shred Girls Series: Lindsay’s Joy Ride

Lindsay lives in a world of superheroes—except, that world is in her head. She wants more than anything to become a hero, reading comic books as research materials and training by fighting her teddy bears for practice. She’s even got the perfect arch-nemesis: her cousin, who pretty much has to be a supervillain. Will Lindsay be able to defeat Phoebe, or will her cousin’s evil plan come to fruition? …Or, will it turn out completely different?

When Lindsay’s parents take off for an archaeological dig—such a comic book cliche!—Phoebe takes her young cousin in for the summer. But instead of menacing the world and robbing banks, the punk rocker-turned bike racer brings Lindsay along and into the world of Joyride, a bike park where kids really can fly.

Shy bookworm Lindsay will still have a chance to save the day, but only after meeting Ali and Jen and learning to ride—and how to make friends and stand up for herself. Everyone can be a superhero, but it’s a lot more fun when you’re not alone. And now, the Shred Girls are going to take the cycling world by storm. Pedal along for Lindsay’s Joy Ride, and get ready for more action-packed adventures that don’t stop when the bike race ends.

Pre-order here for the May 31 launch

If you order before the 31st, you’ll get a signed copy with some rad stickers, plus 15 readers will be randomly selected to receive a Shred Girls tshirt or trucker cap!

You can also pre-order a t-shirt or cap along with the book here:

Women’s/Girls T-Shirt

Trucker Hat

Men’s/Boys T-Shirt



I’m also super excited about the site where the Shred Girls will live! will be a place where readers and riders can find more about Lindsay, Ali and Jen, meet real-world Shred Girls and pick up some great riding tips from experts in videos and articles. (You can also find Shred Girls on Facebook.)


Questions, comments, t-shirt or media requests? Email me at molly [at]!

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