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by | Mar 28, 2017 | Podcast

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Charlotte Batty joins us today. She is a long-time friend who is based out of the same town as Molly and Peter in Ontario, Canada. She took a few months off work and chased the best mountain bike spots in the USA over the 2017 Winter and tells us about her rides and some of her experiences learning to ride better and helping other women learn to ride better.


Charlotte raced as a top-level Junior mountain bike racer. As she reached the pro-ranks she decided to diverge from bike racing and pursue work, friends and re-connect with cycling. Ten Years later she rides more than ever and has spent the last 3 months traveling to the best MTB spots in the U.S.A.

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Charlotte Batty on


sport background?
Charlotte road with Peter on Trek Toronto team (which became Trek Canada subsequently)
racing to riding?
trail tips for beginners?
get rad for women, confidence tips?
tips for getting over things like logs and rocks?
what kind of MTB do you suggest for beginners
outside of MTB, you’ve been hiking a bunch as well
van life—routines? journaling, yoga, etc.
Mini adventures ->
– on snapchat –


Charlotte recommends
– tucson arizona
– moab
– joshaua tree (climbing , hiking, camping)
– sedona –
– sedona mtb festival

– barter for things is possible while travel !

leslie Tims
– Consummate athlete episode HERE
check her out on instagram – for camping on the cheap

TRailForks App for mtb rides – 

Buy AmericaTheBeautiful pass $80 vs. $15 for each park

Women adventuring alone
– sometimes paid Campground

– gear to have on the road – wool socks !



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