How to Train Like an Action Movie Character

by | Nov 3, 2019 | Mindset, Training

Confession: I’m a tiny bit obsessed with stuntwomen. In another life, I like to think I would have gotten more athletic (and courageous) as a kid and grown up to become one. So, getting to talk to a woman who did just that for an article on how to train like an action movie character? Dream come true. Mindy Kelly is a martial arts badass and works as a stunt choreographer and now director. (Check out her latest short film, Bounty!). Mindy was a blast to chat with—podcast episode with her coming soon, actually!—and I really loved that she takes mindset really seriously when it comes to attempting the impossible. Over on Nylon, we got into the practical elements of training: cardio, strength, flexibility, breath and mindset, and her best tips for all of them. (And if you love the idea of this, check out Chris McDougall’s Natural Born Heroes for more on being superhero-strong… but warning, it will make you want to try Parkour.)

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