How to Get Started with XC Skiing – Jenn Jackson

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Podcast

Jenn Jackson joins us today to talk about transitioning from summer sports to cross-country skiing and cross-training in general. This is a great episode if you have to deal with some inclement weather or you are looking for some new ways to stay active!
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Question for Today’s Podcast:

How are you? I hope all is well. Love the podcast, and thought you may have an answer for my question.
My CX season is winding down and I am already looking forward to skate skiing. What can I do to help with the transition to my winter sport? I was thinking trail running with/without poles and some upper body strength training. I was then thinking about the connective tissues and stretching may be a better place to start.
Thanks for any direction you can provide.

Jenn’s Suggested Links – striding, identifies some key angles – a compilation of walking and striding with some slow-mo. Lisa used to be one of the high-performance coordinators for CCC, her account has lots of videos of on snow stuff too. – Hill intervals w. Skiis on while on grass!

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