How To Find Your Why & Strength Train

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Podcast

Today Molly and Peter discuss a listener question about finding ‘your WHY’ with sport. Why participate if you are not trying to win an obvious world championship or if racing is becoming like an addiction? They also talk about the basics of strength training and what a strength training workout looks like.
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1) Why race if you’re not in contention for a huge win/championship?

It’s aspirational to be like them [pro riders] and I know that it is a matter of dedication, hard work, money, time and the right circumstances. I know [Peter] used to race on the international level for a period of time and have scaled it back a bit to coach others. When did you choose to say that’s enough for me? I’m having a lot of fun and am enjoying the results from the work I’m putting in and this part of me keeps saying you can go further and be better. I
Peter Posts on finding your WHY

2) Strength training in the offseason

More episodes about Strength on (use search)


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