How To Be Outside FREE Virtual Summit 4/18—Register & Bookmark Now!

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Mindset, Training

How To Be Outside FREE Virtual Meetup 4/18

Join us on Zoom and on Facebook Live and @MollyJHurford’s Instagram Live on April 18, 2020 at 8PM for a 60-minute preview of what’s coming at the How To Be Outside Speaker Series when we can all congregate in real life in Fall 2020.

If you join on Zoom, you’ll be able to raise your hand to ask questions if time allows! But only the first 100 viewers will be able to join there—but if you miss it on Zoom, a full version will be posted to YouTube afterwards.

The four speakers for this virtual summit will include:

Molly Hurford: Why It’s Critical to Be Active Right Now

Taking unconventional approaches to solving the problem of getting more kids outside and adventuring in nature, to ensure a happier, healthier community.

Justin Jones: Collingwood is Bike Town USA

Any town can be a Biketown, and Justin Jones of Share the Road is discussing how we can go from playing on bikes to using them to make change in our community by making the town a more bike-friendly, accessible place where kids can ride to school, it’s easier to do errands by bike, and commuting by car becomes a thing of the past.

Tara Hunt: The Importance of Local Foods + Nutrition for Athletes

How you feel is dictated by moving, and by how you’re fueling your body. Athlete and entrepreneur Tara Hunt has some … ahem… food for thought.

Peter Glassford: How To Be Outside (When No Races are On)

Longtime cycling coach Peter Glassford speaks about how to stay motivated and fit even when races are cancelled and outdoor adventures are curtailed.

Watch here on 4/18

Spread the word—I know things are tough right now and times are super stressful, but if we can all spend a bit more time together and talking about what does get us happy and excited, that may help some people feel a little happier. And we all need that right now. 


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