How to Be a Fit Mom & Entrepreneur – Ep. 12 – Sarah Applegarth

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Podcast

Sarah is a Certified Exercise Physiologist who is responsible for the coach based training system at Active Life Conditioning.  Sarah has also achieved a Masters Degree in Adolescent Growth and Development from McMaster University and is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  From these accomplishments, Sarah has built her work to suit her expertise.  Her business ranges from working with elite athletes achieving their dreams to helping people keep fit and active for life’s challenges and she truly take great pleasure in all the diversity Active Life has within it.
She has the ability to use her knowledge about health and fitness to help anyone achieve their fitness goals.  Sarah is a hard worker and her passion for her work is evident and her motivation for achievement is contagious.

SHOW NOTES/Questions Covered
1) Bio – sport background what have you done
           – education back ground

2) New athlete comes in – what are you looking for in any athlete client
  – exercises you find yourself doing with everyone  ?

3) Cyclist has back pain on bike = what do you look for / what would be generally helpful ?
  – runner ?

4) Athlete testing in gym – what are you finding with this pool of young athletes?

5) Children and camps/structured ‘play’ -> tough balance for parents but seemingly more required as kids become less active ??
   -> thoughts on getting kids moving more ??

6) Strength – General areas focus on if someone wanted to be ready to go into any sport ( pickup volleyball, group ride, trail run, nooner, swim, hockey)

7) If someone wanted to become a gym owner or great strength coach / trainer -> what is best recommendation ?

8) Staying fit while busy mom / business owner ??? how do you do it ?  (routines? things you MUST do ? things you avoid ? )

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