Hanging Out with The Outspoken Cyclist Podcast

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Mindset, Podcast

Last week, Diane Jenks of The Outspoken Cyclist Podcast was kind enough to have me on to talk all things Shred Girls, women’s cycling and generally what I’ve been up to in the bike industry for the last decade—and what’s coming next! It was an absolute pleasure to get to talk to her—especially as a fellow podcaster, since she’s been running her show for 7 YEARS and I was able to pick up a ton of tips throughout. (Her interviewing is so spot-on, it’s bananas.)

The show excerpt:

This week, retired but still incredibly active, Dr. Gabe Mirkin will talk about how food affects us, what new breakthroughs are being found in cholesterol and diabetes research, and how important it is to continue exercising throughout your life.

I’ve got a couple of news items, a review of the new Gore-Tex ShakeDry jacket, and then it’s on to Belgium to catch up with Molly Hurford.

At 30 years old, she’s already written four books with a 3-book series for young girls at the publisher. She manages at least 3 blogs, or may it’s four, produces The Consummate Athlete podcast with her husband Peter, and is managing the Aspire Racing Team at the World Cup races in Europe right now.

We chat about all of that, including her “advice to women” and what’s next on her jam-packed agenda.

Listen to the episode on iTunes or listen/download right here!


Speaking of podcasts, have you checked out The Consummate Athlete? Rate and review right here and help us bring more amazing guests to the show!



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