Want to Get Faster and Stronger, But Not Sure Where to Start? This $30 Three-Month Plan Will Help.

by | Dec 1, 2019 | Mindset, Training

How are those New Years Resolutions about riding more, hopping into a couple of races, or even just crushing your group ride nemesis coming? Thinking about hitting reset on your cycling training to get faster and feel better? You may not have considered a training plan in the past, but hear me out: no matter what level you’re at, structured training will help.

As we travel all over the world and get to hang out with, interview and train all kinds of cyclists—young, old, new, professional—we’ve realized something. Pro racers know that they need training plans. Racers know that they need a schedule. But riders who might be interested in racing someday, or just want to enjoy riding more? It’s hard to find any who subscribe to any kind of training plan or schedule.

We meet a ton of awesome, enthusiastic cyclists who know that they’re *so* close to reaching their potential on the bike—whether we’re talking road riding, mountain biking, cyclocross, gravel grinding, triathlon, or just being able to hop into whatever ride the crew is up for this weekend, but they just can’t get their training sorted out. There’s often an imbalance: too much speedwork, too much volume, a weird strength session gone horribly wrong…  Add that to certain saddle “issues” with comfort and you have a lot of bikes sitting gathering dust—or you’re getting out and riding, but just not feeling as awesome as you could be.

If your goal is to ride more, ride happier, ride stronger, or ride faster, we’ve got something to push your riding to the next level, especially if you’re new to riding and just considering the idea of structured training. (Tip: it’s not just for pro riders or people who want to race. Having a bit of structure to your riding is HUGE for getting into awesome shape, gaining power and growing your confidence and skills.)

So, I’m so excited thatConsummate Athlete Coach (and my husband and podcast co-host!) Peter Glassford has partnered with me to make a great, easy-to-follow training plan for the awesome women (and men) who read my books on cycling comfort and nutrition, have come to our talks, or who’ve taken part in our clinics. In it, we incorporate many of the training concepts from my book “Saddle, Sore: Ride Happy, Ride Comfortable” into a 3-month training plan designed to help any cyclist—but especially someone new to structured training—get fitter, stronger, and ready to crush her goals for the season.

It also has gentle reminders about making sure you’re taking care of your body and your bike, in addition to simply putting in the training hours.

Did I mention that it’s under $30?! That’s a super inexpensive way to start testing the waters of structured training without major commitment.


If you’d rather chat with Peter about a custom-made three-month training plan, or the possibility of skills coaching or a more serious one-on-one coaching relationship, check out our coaching page for a free consultation!

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