Fueling Exercise for Females, Adding Races, Training on Vacation

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Podcast

Today we discuss: 
 – differences in fueling workouts for women vs. men
 – suggestions for daily core routine
– should you add races to the schedule?
– training while on  vacation
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Cucumbers w vinegar
Beach time/making time for summer stuff
Cooling down bedroom at night

Nutrients in exercise for men vs women?

From ROAR by Stacy Sims:   
Why? For one, estrogen reduces your carb-burning ability, likely to help you save those limited glycogen stores in case of pregnancy, famine, and emergency, while it increases fat burning and fatty acid availability. This is great for endurance activities, but you’ll need to eat more carbs for high-intensity activity. It also explains why you crave more of these foods during the high-hormone PMS phase of your cycle.
GI issues may occur. Many women report having GI issues such as gas and diarrhea when their periods start. This has less to do with estrogen and progesterone (though progesterone, and to a small effect estrogen, slows the contractility of the smooth muscle of the digestive tract) and more with the prostaglandins that cause the uterine contractions and shedding. If you make more than you need, they can float around your body and trigger other smooth muscles (like your bowels) to react similarly—hence the unpleasant GI distress. In extreme cases, they can also cause nausea and vomiting. You can head off the effect of prostaglandins by following the same anti-cramping strategies mentioned earlier.
Getting more branched-chain amino acids (especially leucine) can help mitigate some of these unpleasant effects. Leucine crosses the blood-brain barrier, slows down the effect of serotonin, and fends off central nervous system fatigue.

Daily Core Routine suggestions

  •  remember your ‘therapy exercises’ and working on any limiters/injuries/soreness daily
  • Peter Core

Adding in races that aren’t on the calendar

Vacation tips for getting in workouts/having fun/eating right


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