First Gravel Training Plan

by | Mar 20, 2024 | Racing, Training

This 3 month gravel cycling training plan is perfect for your first 50 mile gravel race or for beginner and intermediate riders who want to learn to train consistently to improve their gravel racing and riding.


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Is This Gravel Cycling Training Plan For You?

The plan runs for 3 months and provides specific preparation, ideally after completing a general or ‘base’ phase.

Weekly hours range from ~5 hours in rest weeks up to ~10hrs in biggest weeks and options are provided to add or reduce time depending on your schedule and ability.

Many workouts have downloadable workouts for smart trainers or bike computer but some are focused on outdoors when the workout should be simple (E.g. ride gravel for 3 hours!)

Weekend workouts are best on gravel/offroad when possible and climbing is encouraged on Saturdays to prepare for race day!

What Does this Cycling Plan Include?

  • Our training plans include guidance for a core workouts including a PDF for each strength workout as a bonus!
  • Structured downloads for your cycling workouts are available for most interval workouts (e.g. for Garmin/Zwift). Some endurance workouts or mountain bike workouts will not include downloads to avoid confusion.
  • The plan includes guidance and reminders to ensure you are prepared for the demands of stage racing off-road. These are short and can be done ‘anywhere’.

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Do you Want a Custom Training Plan?

For irregular schedules, bold goals and more advanced athletes Consummate Athlete offers a 3 months Made For You Plan, which eliminate much of the friction of pre-made plans because it takes your schedule, goals, equipment, and abilities into account Learn about 3 Month Plans

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