Favorite MTB Gear You Haven’t Tried

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Gear, Training

Mountain bike riders love their MTB gear. From Tire Plugs to packs, goggle to the flashiest new shoes this is some of the more uncommon MTB gear we have been using that you should consider trying.

Hydration Vest

Whether you ride Gravel, MTB or have started bike packing a hydration vest is worth having. Peter uses his bike-pack for running as well so if you are a Consummate Athlete you might get multiple uses out of one pack.

Peter loves the Camelbak Chase Vest (as do many winners of the 200-mile Dirty Kanza)


Tire Plugs

These are newer gear items but ones I think most riders who use tubeless tires should be considered for training and racing. Having multiple ways to salvage a ride after a flat is essential. Adding tire plugs to your repair kit takes up very minimal space and adds a possible solution between the sealant and full-on tube installation.

We have been using the Dynaplug model but the smaller Genuine Innovations version may be better for smaller holes




Flat Shoes and Pedals

Yes, you should use flat Shoes and Pedals to continue to develop your skills. With COVID-19 canceling races Peter is riding about 50% of his training rides on flat pedals (up from around 10% usually counting BMX and Commuter shreds!). Many bike-skills sessions are best done on flat pedals for safety and to avoid wasting time being scared about clipping in and clipping out … focus on balance and the skill you are working on (like 5-step to log hop progression!) and you will find your skills come along much faster than with Clipless pedals.

Read more about Clipless Pedals, Flat Pedals and why Peter doesn’t like road clipless pedals/shoes (for most people) 

5TEN shoes and the Wide-platform Shimano pedals are what Peter has been using


Super compressible wind/raincoat for Cycling

Peter has been carrying the Pearl Izumi Barrier jacket on most rides. Early rides or rides that come home in the dark benefit from the extra bit of warmth without the bulk of a full vest or jacket or long-sleeve. As the intense summer rainstorms come it’s nice to be prepared to take shelter and then remove the coat again when the sun comes back out!

Molly loves the Ultralight Jacket from Velocio, especially in slightly warmer temps thanks to the mesh side panels for max breathability. It rolls up to next-to-nothing!


Trail Baselayer

Hear me out: Riding mountain bikes in full Lycra is totally acceptable and what I (Molly) do most of the time. But occasionally, I like wearing baggies and going a bit more casual. But the baggies I have don’t really hold my phone or keys very well, and if I’m wearing baggies, I don’t want to wear a full-on jersey. Enter a baselayer or tshirt with back pockets. Velocio has both: a baselayer with three pockets that can go under a tshirt, or a more casual merino wool tshirt-styled jersey that has subtle pockets. Both are exactly what I wanted for more chill rides.

Under-Baggies Shorts

If you don’t want to wear full bibs under your baggies (especially in summer heat) but still want a bit of a chamois, I love the Club Ride undershorts--boy shorts with just enough of a chamois to make your ride a bit more comfortable, without adding bulk and more material so you end up even sweatier. They have men’s and women’s versions available!


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