Embracing a (Sometimes Ridiculous) Healthy Lifestyle

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Lifestyle, Mindset

This afternoon, I realized that I’m deep into kooky stuff.

(Not that way. Minds out of the gutter, people!)

I mean healthy. To the point of weird. See, I walked inside from a few errands and I started putting away some of the stuff. I put the organic (is there any other kind?) kombucha and the meat from the local butcher into the fridge, and took off my minimalist sneakers. It was roughly a four-mile walk to get to the butcher and back again—checked my Health app on the phone and saw that I hit my 10,000+ mark for the day.

Yesterday, I walked the mile to the grocery store and greenhouse, and came back with 40 pounds of groceries on my back, doing a farmer’s carry with a bunch of tomato, basil and (obviously) kale plants for the porch.

Last week, I got a massage that involved a painful psoas release versus a lovely 60 minutes of relaxation.

That’s all after I take my 5 minutes every morning for meditation and HRV monitoring, plus my 10 minutes of yoga.

Do I still eat cookies and drink coffee like it’s going out of style? Heck, yes. But what I missed, until I took a minute and took a third-party look at my life, was how freaking healthy I’ve gotten. And, arguably, how weird, along the way. Because all that walking and yoga, that’s not training anymore—that’s just day to day life. I used to count that in with training hours, but now, it’s daily routine. And that’s, frankly, a little spooky, considering I didn’t see HEALTHY sneaking up on me.

Sure, I was active and a reasonably strong athlete. But a healthy all-around person? That, I didn’t see coming. But considering what we’ve been into lately, especially with exploring the idea of being a health up-for-any-adventure kind of person in our Consummate Athlete podcast, I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that these are the patterns I’ve slipped into. Am I perfect at it? Absolutely not. I’m actually sitting like a total sloth on the couch while I write this, not standing at a standing desk and alternating through yoga postures. I still love pizza and cartoons. But those are the exceptions rather than the rule these days, and that’s a good thing.

In the past few years, my nutrition has definitely cleaned up to something roughly resembling what an active adult’s diet should look like. Lots of greens, veggies, good sources of protein, et cetera. I’ve wanted to change, wanted to be healthy and keep up this lifestyle. I even wrote about it 3 years ago here (weird, looking back after writing this post!). But it wasn’t until the past couple years that things really took a turn for the kooky, making sure there were fermented foods in my daily diet, adding a soil-based probiotic, and so on. (Kooky, by the way, is really just how Peter and I talk about health-related stuff that would confuse/annoy our parents if we explained it.)

And while I felt a little like a doofus, standing in my kitchen staring uncomfortably at the jars of kombucha, while Peter made plans to pick up the SCOBY this afternoon so we can start brewing our own, I realized that—holy crap—I’m in a good place in my life right now. And if that place is a little kooky, so be it.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve been doing for your healthy lifestyle?

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