Cyclocross, Video, and Bill Shieken of CXHairs

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Podcast

Cyclocross Hairs creator Bill Shieken joins us today to talk about cyclocross, being a lawyer, filming races, travel, controversy, and rules in cycling and so much more. If you haven’t checked out Bill’s Website CXHAIRS.COM or his podcast CXHAIRS Radio please do!

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– who the hell is Bill Schieken

  – lawyer, officially a senior principal attorney editor for Thomson Reuters
       -2009 cyclocross – / inthecrosshairs blog started
           – svenness videos ->  on VIMEO page

   = cx hairs doing more coverage -> 3.2k subscribers on youtube

             => filming – not a live stream (30,000$ for basic setup) … not live but offer a good highlight

 = mtb world cup preview? predictions?

           => Clif Pro Team   – and Trek Factory MTB  -> Bill did race recaps
          =>  Nino and Jolanda predictions for xco world champs

Wide angle podium update at 1mill. +  (shows, donor drive, next steps)

= slowride podcast -> Spencer –
 = cxHairs -> latest w. Tobin
                  -> Vanderpoel and Blevins
                  -> TDDTIE –
 = bikeshopCX->
 = Consummate Athlete ->

– your book/cx skills and clinics this year

   -> Thoughts/drills to help people with a ‘double tap’/’stutter step mount’  ->  think high jumper, mapping it out, thinking footwork

                          -> 2nd try to do at slower speed, 3rd at half the speed … then do 100x practice
                      => Failure in practice – watch cx practice, good generally but watch going to race/hot laps … solo or a few good friends to practice technique
   -> biggest mistake you see in cycloCross (skills/prep/training)
          => no skill is 100% wrong,
              => bike skills, like MTB skills, are valuable

Is shouldering dead?

         -> a North American issue perhaps, no major long runs

= UCI rule  about artificial (6) obstacles?

     -> likely not a big issue, somewhat flexible

– Should you run for cross – your opinion, what you have seen?

  •   listen to past episode we did last week => HERE 
  • Bill adds:  if you have never run (ie. road racers) you should do something (20min, even less?)
                     – If you put in and feel comfortable then you can take it off the list

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