Cyclocross Q&A #2 – Gear, Cleanup, Double Days

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Podcast

Today Molly and Peter discuss cyclocross again, thanks for your questions!

– CX Etiquette

– Secret Hacks and gear ideas

– Rain gear

– Power, HR, Speed for racing?

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3 month training plan


Managing your # of race days, double days, burnout

Gear hacks – toe spikes, bottles off

how to organize your gear for CX.

  • shower / sprayer
  • fisherman’s / handyman’s boxes for tiny stuff ie toe spikes
  • soft bags – waterproof
  • small mesh bags
  • one huge bag
  • black tarp in back
  • black towels

Rain Boots?

Molly likes fold-up ones ( or Boggs

Can you talk about the benefit (or lack of) of switching from clincher to tubeless?


  • Course preride
  • passing and respecting others who are racing
  • finishing if you get a mechanical and your bike is un-rideable,

Using power/speed/HR in a race?


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