16 Week Cyclocross Training Plan: Build and Race Phases

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Training

This cyclocross training plan provides you with workouts and progressions for 2-3 months before cyclocross season and a month or two of cyclocross race season. This plan is ideal for someone looking for workout ideas and a reminder to not go hard every day (but go very hard on some days). Direction on cyclocross skill work and workouts based around working on cyclocross skills are the main component of this plan.

This plan is 16 weeks long. It is best applied 1-2 months before your races start so that the plan will extend through to the end of your cross season. Applying this training plan in late July/early August will get you to December.

Races are programmed starting early in the plan with optional workouts and directions for how to deal with no-race, single race, or double race weekends.

Ideally, you will have completed a general preparation or ‘base’ phase to establish fitness and cycling skills before this more specific block of training. (Check out our Cyclocross Base Plan here if you are further out from the race)

This training plan includes downloadable structured workouts for Garmin, Zwift etc. and strength/core routines. Note that not all workouts have a download as some are very simple and better done by getting on your bike and going and having fun!

Time Required for this Training Plan: The plan can be adjusted from ~6-15 hours per week, however if you have a more complicated, restricted schedule or you plan on doing high volumes you might be best looking at our 3 month Made for you training plans or Cyclocross Coaching.

Indoors or Outdoors: Workouts provide options for indoors or outdoors depending on your location and weather.

Training Plan Cost: $49 USD

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