by | Oct 15, 2020 | Mindset, Training

Becoming A Consummate Athlete, the new guidebook to athletic habits + success by endurance sport author Molly Hurford and longtime coach Peter Glassford brings training, nutrition, recovery, gear and so much more together to create an optimal lifestyle for athletes—and it’s coming out in ONE MONTH!

Tired of training and not getting wins? Feeling a lack of motivation, or that there just isn’t enough time to do it all? Missing when sport felt fun?

If you’ve been training for an endurance sport like cycling or running but find yourself feeling stuck or not getting the results that you want, your daily habits might be to blame. Being an all-around athletic, healthy human capable of tackling any outdoor adventure—a Consummate Athlete, if you will—takes smart training and thoughtful lifestyle choices.

In the new book, “Becoming A Consummate Athlete,” you’ll learn new ways to look at your recovery, fueling, training, record keeping and even your gear in order to help you reach your athletic goals while actually enjoying your healthy lifestyle.

The book is broken down into sections including:

  • How and why embracing athletic identity is a critical step to healthy habit formation
  • The way to form a habit—and make it stick
  • Recovery habits that will help improve performance, from sleep to visualization
  • Fueling advice that makes meal prep into an athletic endeavor
  • Training considerations so that you’re ready to tackle any adventure, anytime
  • Gear hacks and organizational tricks to make getting ready to roll out a snap
  • Recording techniques that actually help further your goals, not just collect data
  • …And of course, what to do when things go sideways

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