Be a Brave Athlete – Simon Marshall, Lesley Paterson

by | Nov 23, 2017 | Mindset, Podcast

Lesley and Simon Marshall the authors of ‘The Brave Athlete’ join us for this special episode today. We talk about many of the common issues athletes have around their mental performance such as nerves, motivation, goal setting and where athletes often go wrong in these critical elements of our performance (and life!)
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What was your goal in writing this book?
How was the writing process / working as a team? you guys obviously have most of your lives overlapping, so do we: how do you handle it? Any tips?
What’s the one thing most athletes need to work on the most? Most consistent issues faced?
“Setting Goals is Not Your Problem” — we hear SO much about goal-setting as athletes, so I really loved this. Can you explain it a bit, and explain what an athlete can do instead?
Question from Dean  
Basically, anything that can be expanded on with respect to an athlete that has plateaued and is lacking the mental motivation to be active would be helpful.
I’ve been mountain biking for 18 seasons, …. . But I am pretty bored. And because of that boredom, my fitness has done a backslide, so I’m even more discouraged.
I know goal setting will probably be a part of this, as will setting new habits. Stacking maybe plays a role, but I feel like I am missing some key piece to make these things happen. Like, I know strategies that should work, and have options, but am not setting intentions and following through. 

I loved the part about Identifying as an athlete—any quick tips for listeners about how to feel more legit?
Simon, you and I talked about failure a couple months ago, and I want to dive back into that. Failing in a goal race, or feeling like you failed, can throw you into a HUGE tail spin—can you go into a bit about how to get out of that feeling?
The comparison trap is HUGE for me. Can you talk about a couple strategies you recommend to get out of it? And Lesley, is this something you still deal with even as a pro at the highest level?

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