All about Bike Packing – Paul Calandrella

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Podcast

Paul Calandrella joins us today to tell us all about Bike-Packing one of the hottest and growing disciplines in the bike industry. Molly just went on a big trip and has completely changed her view on bike packing … find out why!


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what does job title mean/how did you end up there/athletic background?

Why bike packing? What are the benefits, who can do it?

When planning a bike packing trip, where do you even begin? It seems like a pretty gear-intensive process.

What’s the most important 5 pieces of gear that you need to ride?

What should you look for in a bike? MTB, road, hybrid… and what kind of components/extras do you want on it?

What kind of bike gear should you carry?

What should you carry, food and food prep-wise?

What mistakes do bike packers make from an eating perspective? I feel like this is a huge issue for touring cyclists!

And what about camping: any tips for a solo traveler, and what about partners going together?

Top mistake beginner bike packers make?

What do you wish beginners new before they head out?

What pre-bike packing things can people be doing before a trip, i.e getting used to a sleeping pad, checking their gear, actually doing days with similar mileage at home…

How does going on a guided bike packing trip help set a rider up for solo adventures?

Let’s talk poop… How do you handle it in a no-facility area?

Advice for dealing with the weather?

Best tips for sore legs at the end of the day’s ride?

Tips for people who swear they can’t handle sleeping on the ground?

The craziest bike packing adventure you’ve been on? Coolest moment?


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