Aimee Shilling on Big, Scary Goals on the Consummate Athlete Podcast

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Mindset

Remember when I talked about Big Scary Goals for 2017? I loved the idea of picking one huge goal (or two) and then, having smaller goals that go along with it, and a plan to achieve it. It’s a pretty cool concept, picking something that seems almost impossible, and breaking it down. That’s why I was so stoked on this latest Consummate Athlete Podcast with Aimee Shilling, who set a goal to run 40 marathons before she turned 40, was terrified, and then hit that goal with a couple years to spare! Super fun talk about goals, achieving them, what happens next, and of course, some really practical advice for runners in general and wanna-be marathoners in particular. Check it out!

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