3 Thoughts on Off-Season

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Video

3 Thoughts on Off-Season = BALANCE

I tend to use the term ‘Balance Period’ for the period of time between the final Competitive/Race Period and the start of ‘Base’ Period.

Without fail the biggest mistake athletes make is carrying the same injuries, illnesses, and bad habits from season to season by getting caught up in a cycle of training when they should be taking a break.

1) Using the balance period as a chance to make progress on injury/illness with decreased training time and stress.
-> Get into your physio/chiro/coach and take care of that injury (often moving differently and resting is all that is needed)
-> take a break from what you normally do. Step back and make sure you are healthy .

2) Add back volume (easy riding) slowly and watch for injuries to come back … tinker and get help with position, diet, mobility, skills to help overcome and breakthrough on your ‘volume limit’.

3) Refocus your nutrition and go back to whole foods only. Drop out any supplements and junk food.
-> great time to clean up diet by focusing on quality and see some of that body fat come down, especially with improved sleep habits and reduced stress.

Fall/Off-Season is a great time to:
-> work on skills with skill sessions or strength session/Kin assessment (Book a Skill Session)
-> Plan & Goal Setting  – Book a consult – Guidance & feedback
-> Start Coaching or try a training plan while you have lots of time to recover, learn, build and try new things.


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