2x Race weekend, MTB->CX, Paleo-Vegan – July18 Q+A

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July 2018 Q & A

Community in Sport – why we do it
Next episodes coming up
Q1 – How to Use Paleo Diet/Template with a Vegan or Paleo Diet
Q2 – What is Peter Eating / Paleo for Endurance Athletes
Q3 – How to race 2 days in a row – Mindset and pacing
Q4 – MTB / Road seasons … how to transition to Cyclocross?

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cx dismount and mount
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Community – in Ellicottville
next week with Christopher McDougall
“Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory” is July & August’s Athletic Bookworm Read

Can you eat using both the Vegan & paleo frameworks?

Vegan Paleo
  • depending on reasons can be flexible and use ‘whole-foods’ approach to a healthy vegan diet. May consider why adding in limits of Paleo of no obvious reason to. Or why not take veggies approach to paleo while still eating meat (if ok with meat).
  •   soak and sprout grains, legumes, nuts, seeds to aid
  • work with professional on testing, tweaking diet, and supplementation on b-vit, choline, iodine, omega 3 etc.

How Peter is eating? (And how is Molly different?)

Food on specific workout days  
 1) off day – veggies, fruit, meat, nuts and seeds  *this includes sweet potato/tubers but may be wise to restrict this on off days if trying to lose weight
    90min endurance – veggies, fruit, meat, nuts, and seeds
    hard or long (>90min) -> add in bars, gels in ride and likely cereal/grains pre/post ride
     race day pre-breakfast/meal (3hrs prior) – have been doing plain cheerios+blueberries+almond milk this year
Typical Meals
    Breakfast most days = sweet potato, eggs, spinach in a pan (often one/some of the onion, bacon, potato, peppers, kale, spices, avocado, nut butter for flavor and variety)
    SNacks – Not many but fruit/nut butters, sweet potato  + tea/coffee/water/ carbonated water
    lunch – sweet potato/nut butter or cereal/berries/nuts (usually pre or post ride)
    Dinner – meat, salad or all-in-one pan of meat/veggies … most days we make a Guacamole (avo, tomatoes, cilantro, lime, salt)
              *excluded are all wheat, dairy, soy, legumes, added sugar, juice, processed/frozen foods, seed-industrial oils,
Tricks  = aim for small wins vs. 100% … if today was a 30% good day … can you get to 31% tomorrow?
            = try as hard as you can to keep your home free of temptations … I am not ‘perfect’ I like treats/chocolate (chocolate milk especially!) but I just fight to keep it out of my usual places and break patterns where I end up eating (ie. if I stay up watching TV, or if I do computer work late I will be tempted to snack) … having leftovers at most meals helps with ‘convenience foods.
           = substitute for small wins => cauliflower for rice, spaghetti squash for spaghetti, sweet potato or rice cakes for bread, ‘paleo pancakes’ for pancakes, apple/nut butter for a ‘bad snack’
and more in her nutrition book:

Back to back race day

  •  pacing
  •  mindset
  • recovery
  • training
  • Back-to-back race days: how to pace?

MTB or Road to Cx season ?


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