12 Rad Cycling Women You Need to Follow on Instagram

by | Sep 20, 2017 | Lifestyle, Mindset

Looking for some inspiration to put in long miles or explore new places on your bike? When I was assigned a piece rounding up rad female cyclists for Bicycling, I was super stoked: it offered me a chance to spend some time trolling Instagram, asking around who the most fun people to follow were, and honestly, in doing this ‘research,’ I found myself getting SO excited about riding bikes. I mean, I’m always pretty stoked on it, but really seeing how many women are out there exploring, adventuring and generally crushing it got me hyper-motivated to spend more time working on my MTB skills, it has me stoked to get home and play with our new BMX bike, and I’m suddenly craving miles and miles of gravel roads. These women are just a few of the rad ones that I did find, but I honed in on these 12 for their consistently great feeds that have all be running for a long time. Some have a ton of followers as well-known pros, others are just regular women who love to ride. Check it out, give a few of them a follow, and get inspired! (And shameless plug for my own Instagram, I’m at @mollyjhurford if you want to follow along!)

Read it here: 12 Rad Cycling Women You Need to Follow on Instagram


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